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Blogging as a Job: Convincing Others

Darren Rowse recently wrote a great post which gives you an insight to the history of him becoming a Problogger or as he puts it, a Web Publisher. Darren, like myself, had to convince others that what he was doing was legitimate, but thankfully, again like myself, he was supported in his dreams and goals. […]

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Matt Mullenweg to Speak at Northern Voice

Last year was really my first year of attending events related to blogging, but thankfully, I get to do it again this year, and one of the conferences I am going to is Northern Voice, a two day event being held in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada that starts off with a Barcamp-like day called Moosecamp, […]

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The FourFourNiner Podcast: Pilot Episode

Chris Garrett, a well known designer and friend of mine has gone ahead and tapped me to join him on his podcast, named the FourFourNiner, where we answer questions relating to blog design, search engine optimization, blogging professionally, WordPress and pretty much anything else related to our expertise that we are asked. The first episode […]

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Over on the increasingly popular, there is a new post up letting us know of a feature that was listed as “meant to fully support that a long time ago”. Summarized stats give you a detailed look at referrers, search terms, and clicks. Many people find the new results to be longer and more […]

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Your Hair Knows Where You’ve Been

It sounds like something from CSI or Law and Order: using a person’s hair to figure out where they’ve been. Researchers from the University of Utah have been analyzing water molecules from human hair samples — and using the information to determine where the person lived.

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Flu Type A vs. Type B

Lately, I find the flu capturing my interest. For a long time, I thought the flu was just the flu. Just another virus going around. But it turns out that there’s more than one type of flu… WAY more than one.

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