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End of the year homeschool reports

It is almost that time! Depending on where you live, and what stage your homeschooler is in, it is very likely that you need to summarize your homeschoolers year. Personally, I need to compile my son’s year in an effort to get his college entry portfolio started.

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When Friends Divorce

When a couple divorces it can affect not only them but friends as well. Mick and I found this years ago, when a couple we were friends with divorced. We used to get together on a regular basis with this couple for a meal and to play cards – five hundred was usually the game […]

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The Colors of Sleep

Studies have shown that color can have an impact on your mood. If you’re having trouble sleeping, the colors in your bedroom may make a difference. Green can create feelings of peace and serenity that might make it easier to slow down and sleep.

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