Clear Drop Front Shoe Boxes

It is imperative that I find a way to organize my shoes. While I like the Shoes Wheel from Bed Bath and Beyond, I think I only want to use that in the living room as a communal shoes storage for family and guests.

I’m looking for clear shoe boxes that I could stack in a closet. I treat my shoes really special :) . I found exactly what I’m looking for.

Clear Drop Front Shoe Boxes

Clear Drop Front Shoe Boxes

The best thing about this clear drop front shoe boxes is that you don’t have to unstack the boxes to get to a shoe. The front drops so all you have to do is reach for the shoe once it opens. The boxes are made from polypropylene and polystyrene and includes ventilation holes to keep your shoes fresh. The Women’s box hold shoes up to size 9 while the Men’s box hold shoes up size 10. Women’s box is on sale for $5.99 each, while Men’s box is on sale for $7.99 from Container Store.

Is it bad for me to think I could actually stack these boxes in a small corner of the house and turn my shoes into a home decor? I mean I have a lot of shoes that I could pretty much build a makeshift wall with this shoe boxes. Just a thought of course but hey it’s not a bad idea. :)

(Image : Container Store)

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