Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel

The remote hotel stands atop an ominous snow-peaked mountain, and death permeates every inch of the place. It was a crime, that much is sure, and the remote nature of the retreat means that the culprit is still roaming the halls.
Which of the guests is capable of this? Whose past hides sinister truths and who has the most to gain? Secrets will out and skeletons will not stay buried.

Based on a story by the famous Russian authors, the Strugatsky Brothers, Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel will test all you detection skills as well as your ideas of right and wrong. The beautifully detailed, pre-rendered backgrounds provide the perfect backdrop to this twist on the traditional detective novel.

Do you have what it takes to unravel the threads behind this mysterious case, and where will you side should your own feelings conflict with the law?

Key features:

* Engaging storyline, with a non-linear plot that lets you make your choices.
* Over 120 gorgeous, pre-rendered locations.
* More than 15 3D character models featuring real-time shadows.
* Each with their own original stories and unique personalities.
* AI simulation for all inhabitants of the gameworld to track their movements at all times.
* Proprietary engine specifically developed for adventure games.
* 15+ hours of intrigue-filled gameplay.

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Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel Screenshots

Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel Trailer

Release Date: August 2008
Genre: Adventure

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  1. I’m a banquet manager in a hotel and this sounds great.
    So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager

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