Getting Fit by Nordic Walking

In a previous blog I noted that Nordic walking was listed as one of the top exercises for 2009 by leading fitness experts. Since that entry I received a few messages asking whether Nordic walking could be done on dirt trails in addition to traditional paved surfaces or snow. The answer is yes.

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  1. One of many benefits of Nordic Walking is the fact that it virtually can be done anywhere. And when you add the other method variations, snow shoes, roller skis, nordic pole running, nordic pole walking, nordic pole exercises, and more…

    Nordic Walking as the generic term in fact is the next Fitness Trend in this millennium and can confidently say will be the driver in “The Walking Wave”. With 35 years myself in the Health, Fitness, Sport, leading Innovations, Coaching, Competition and Facility Management of this industry I can see it coming. I have been tasked @ Foot Solutions to build alliances, provide the tools that would help bring the best method coaches, and those that want to be participants the easiest and most effective program.

    I am passionate about helping people achieve quality, lasting health and wellness programs, especially as we are entering a time where my generation is likely to outlive their children and grand kids. Ken Cooper the father of Aerobics has done many studies that show this reality. He shows in their studies this stat — 45% of children born after the year 2000 are expected to develop type 2 diabetes sometime in their lives.

    As I have said this odd way of walking with poles with out snow will be the best method of changing this deterioration in Health in the US.

    There are many great people and organizations leading the way with education, certifications, and coaching opportunities.

    With out not wanting to appear like an ad I will leave only 2 of the websites I have a hand in currently. ( new and making changes to meet the demand ), and

    Walking the Talk
    Terry D. Kennedy
    Dir Nordic Pole Walking / Balance Walking

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