Jamie Lynn’s Dad Refuses Pregnancy Story Money

Apparently Jamie Spears, the father of Jamie Lynn Spears, is "furious" with Jamie Lynn and ex-wife Lynne for selling the story of her pregnancy to OK! magazine. A source said:

"He put his foot down and refused to take any money and ’profit off of his children.’ Lynne didn’t care. Jamie is devastated by the news his 16 year-old daughter is pregnant. He’s extremely depressed and feels Jamie Lynn ruined her life."

The statements coming from the Spears family sound like they were written for a comedy show. Daddy Jamie is so mad he’ll say he doesn’t want the money, but the check will be written out to Lynne Spears, and he’ll spend it just like the rest of them, especially since Jamie Lynn is only 16 and her parents control her money until she’s 18.

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