Jewelry Designer Interview: Sara Reichert

I recently had the opportunity to speak with jewelry designer, Sara Reichert of 1O.A.K. by Sara.  Sara uses vintage and recycled pieces to create gorgeous new creations.  You can find Sara’s jewelry here .



Would you describe a little bit about your process? (Do you start with the materials or a drawing?)  How do you go from inspiration to finished piece?

The materials I start with are a combination of new & vintage pieces.  Selecting the materials to use is one of my favorite parts of the jewelry making process.  I pick based on colors that blend well with crystals to add just the perfect sparkle and shape.   My favorites tend to be vintage pieces that are extremely unique and pretty.  Pieces that inspire me are how I create each accessory.

After the materials and color combinations are selected, I then create the design.  I like to be symmetrical with my designs, but really embrace necklaces that move when worn.  This is why I work a lot with lariat styles.  Lariat necklaces move and are able to look different every day.  I also love mixing different materials, for example a chunky sliced geode offset by a crystal.  My goal is to create a real statement piece.



I love the idea of using vintage and recycled pieces to create something new and beautiful.  What gave you the idea to do that and where do you find the vintage and recycled materials?

I have always enjoyed collecting anything beautiful.  Over the years, while traveling or out and about, I started collecting jewelry from various vintage shops, estate sales and flea markets from all over the world.

For many years, the pieces remained in a drawer and untouched.  After my daughter was born, I decided to begin using my treasures to craft new jewelry.  It was such an amazing feeling to finally use elements from the past to make something new and wearable.  I was fortunate to have some really great local jewelry and beading shops in my area that were had very patient employees show me new techniques, which really helped me hone in on my craft.  After that, it really sky rocketed with demands and I have enjoyed creating jewelry ever since.

Ten percent of 1 O.A.K. by Sara proceeds go to benefit the New York Restoration Project.

Image credit: 1 O.A.K. by Sara

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