Nadya Suleman was a Stripper

nadya suleman fired nannies Nadya Suleman was a Stripper

Nadya Suleman admits to the National Enquirer she has "exotic dancing" experience. Nadya said:

"It’s true that I was a topless dancer, but that’s all."

According to the National Enquirer Nadya told a friend said:

"I had not even kissed a boy. But I entered a dance/lingerie contest in a club near my home. I danced and paraded in lingerie. Then, when I was 19, I went to a gentleman’s club and performed as a topless dancer. But I only did it one night. I quit when I found out I was expected to perform lap dances on the customers."

"It was an investigative stage of my life."

This really explains a lot. Nadya has a narcissistic need to be the center of attention, which 14 children, and the media circus now surrounding her seems to be satisfying.

Nadya has caused a great deal of concern since she fired the free Nurses from Angels in Waiting connected with Gloria Allred after Allred showed up to Nadya’s home unannounced. Nadya tried to explain why she fired the nurses on the Dr. Phil show by phone:

"The primary issue was that myself and my nannies felt extremely uncomfortable. I personally felt like a stranger in my own home. The goal was to empower me as a mother, help me, train me. I’m open to that, I want that, I want to do the very best for these premature babies."

"I wanted to use their training and knowledge to help guide me. I felt that was never accomplished. I felt as though every time I tried to hold the babies, feed the babies, they would be observing and they were waiting for me to make a mistake."

Suleman is bound to make a lot of mistakes with 8 premature babies, and 6 children at home. There’s no way she could not make mistakes. The goal is to make sure those mistakes aren’t harmful to the babies, which is why so many people are concerned. There’s only one Nadya, so she needs help.

Gloria Allred has her own side of the story. She says:

"Our major concern has always been the best interest of the babies, and of course, I happen to disagree with quite a bit of what Nadya said in terms of what has happened. I think the real reason that Nadya has not been able to continue with Angels in Waiting may be the fact that not one, but three reports had to be filed with Child Protective Service by Angels in Waiting," who are required to report any missteps they see to child services.

"The whole point of Angels in Waiting, besides providing such high-quality care, was not to put the burden on the taxpayer, but that’s what Nadya and Jeff are doing. They want to shut everybody up, that’s wrong. I want to know what they are hiding and why."

On Octomom’s side is attorney Jeff Czech, who maintains that they have nothing to hide, but that the initial arrangement with Angels in Waiting put Suleman in an untenable position.

"I don’t think anyone really foresaw the extent of what would happen the first time around," he said, referring to the night of March 17, when the first of the octuplets, Isaiah and Noah, were released from the hospital.

Despite all the drama the Hospital is getting ready to release the final four of the octuplets into Nadya’s care.

Jim Anderson, from Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center, explained the the firing of the Angels in Waiting nurses will not have any impact on the babies release, since that is a separate issue. He explained:

"That won’t have any impact. That is between AIW and Nadya Suleman. The AIW is a whole separate thing. Our decision to discharge the babies previously and now, never had anything to do with AIW."

"Our home health nurses have done a couple of visits and have provided some training and guidance to her new caregivers. Remember, these babies are discharged home, just like any other baby would."

"There are two pediatric nurses coming every day to help out the nannies."

"Obviously, they want to make sure she has enough people to take care of them, but, in terms of who the caregivers are, that is pretty much her decision."

That’s true. Now that the decision to allow Nadya to care for the octuplets at home has been made, Gloria Allred needs to mind her own business, and the proper authorities need to continue to work with and assess Nadya, and the octuplet environment, to make sure everything goes well. Allred is only trying to keep her name in the headlines as usual. If she really cared, she donate money or some time helping care for the babies.

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