Science and the Economic Crisis

The a href=””previously mentioned /aconference “a href=””The Economic Crisis and its Implications for The Science of Economics/a,” to take place at PI May 1-4, meanwhile has a a href=””list of invited speakers/a to offer. It includes a href=””Nouriel Roubini, a Prof. for Economics at NYU/a, who you might know from a href=””his blog/a, a href=””Brian Arthur from the Santa Fe Institute /aand PARC, and a href=””Eric Weinstein who smiles at you/a from a photo in Dennis Overbye’s recent NYT article “a href=”;pagewanted=all”They Tried to Outsmart Wall Street/a.”br /br /For a somewhat different take on the economic crisis and its implications for science: The NYT recently featured an article “a href=””Doctoral Candidates Anticipate Hard Times/a” and reportedbr /br /blockquote“Fulltime faculty jobs have not been easy to come by in recent decades, but this year the new crop of Ph.D. candidates is finding the prospects worse than ever. Public universities are bracing for severe cuts as state legislatures grapple with yawning deficits. At the same time, even the wealthiest private colleges have seen their endowments sink and donations slacken since the financial crisis. So a chill has set in at many higher education institutions, where partial or full-fledge hiring freezes have been imposed.”/blockquotebr /The Globe and Mail today offers a similarly depressing piece “a href=”;id=RTGAM.20090323.wgraduates23″Black days for those dreaming of the ivory tower – Graduate students hoping for tenure-track positions face bleak prospects as universities cut budgets and freeze hiring/a” which cites Mr. Burgoyne, president of a href=””McGill’s postgraduate student society /awith saying “People are very worried. People are scared. Jobs, they are just disappearing.”br /br /Meanwhile, the APS is conducting a survey a href=””emHow is the economic downturn affecting your organization?/em/a, that I encourage you to fill out if you are a physicist presently working in the USA.pppdiv class=”blogger-post-footer””You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.” ~ Albert Einsteinimg width=’1′ height=’1′ src=’’//div

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