Become a stranger in the magical world, lead armies of mysterious creatures, and fight for your immortal soul. Every fantasy world has its epic story; Stranger’s is of no exception. But it is not just the usual conflict between light and darkness, there are much more nuances to explore. Choose your side, gain experience to extend your abilities, unravel secrets of magic world, and crush your enemies either by skills or by using brute force, if you have any. Some of the best heroes are at your service, hordes of land and underground creatures want you to lead them to victory. Proper battle tactics and planning strategy, using of diplomacy, gaining benefits of trading, using of magic – all of these components will help you to win in just one case: you should find out what the goal is.


* RTS with tactics and RPG elements
* 3 main heroes team
* Over 100 cool monsters and bosses
* Tricky Magic
* Tons of Equipment
* Single player campaign
* Multiplayer (up to 8 players)
* Stunning graphics and FX

Hardware Requirements

Processor: Pentium 2,0 Ghz or better
RAM: 512 MB or better
GeForce 4400 or ATI Radeon 9500 or any better video cards
Win 2000/XP

Official Game Website

Stranger Demo

Stranger Demo - English

Stranger Screenshots

Stranger Trailer

Release Date: 03 March 2008
Genre: Strategy

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