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I’ve been notified that Pi day this year (3/14) has been declared the ‘Talk like a Physicist Day’ (see also). Apparently, the day even got its own dot com, a website which skillfully manages to distract from absence of content by carefully arranged layers of unprofessional design. Except possibly the 37 Scrabble Points which look to me like an IKEA ad, and desperately ask for the association ‘Talk like an Ass’.

Since I have been notified of this remarkable upcoming event repeatedly, I herewith want to let you know I am passively boycotting this ingenious idea. I considered actively boycotting it, but this seems to require not talking like a physicist, and would pretty much mean I couldn’t talk a whole day. Since it’s a Thursday that doesn’t sound feasible. Reasons for my boycott

a) I would forget about it anyway.

b) I find so-and-so appreciation, remembrance, or activity days outside public holidays an annoyance that clutters my organizer.

c) I honestly don’t know what it’s supposed to mean to ‘talk like a physicist’ except for being a physicist and talking.

d) It seems to suggest physicists have a ‘special way of talking’ which is basically what this blog tries to disprove.

e) I would forget about it anyway.

That is to say, please spare me announcements like this, especially if they are bulk mails with lines like ‘I enjoy reading your blog’.

If you think I am in a particularly foul mood, you are correct. That’s because after I had to spend a night in a smelly hotel room, and flights I was booked on were cancelled twice, I finally made it back to Toronto. Unsurprisingly, my-stupid-bag went elsewhere. The American Airlines personnel assured me it would be on one of the cancelled flights. I doubt it, but was too tired to investigate the issue further. The highlight of my conversation with one of the employees was my remark “I am very pleased your country is steering into a major recession, and I hope you will be unemployed before you know how to spell ‘bullshit’.” Now I am of course sorry about it, but women in uniform are terrible. I am serious, men are usually several orders of magnitude nicer. And that was the last time I flew American.

Humm. Seems I said this already last year.

Either way, should I ever utter a sentence like ‘I feel strange attraction. Is this love or is it dark matter’, please hit me really hard and increase the Lithium dosage.

I promise, after 24 hours of sleep my mood will improve considerably. So, good night for now.

“You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.” ~ Albert Einstein

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