Watchmen Legal Fight Settled

watchmen-movie-poster Watchmen Legal Fight Settled

The Watchmen movie will hit theaters on March 6 for sure now that a legal dispute has been settled between two studios. Warner Brothers made the movie, and fox sued them alleging copyright violations. The out of court settlement avoids a trial, and gives Fox a lump sum payment plus a percentage of box-office receipts.

The whole dispute it appears was caused by producer Larry Gordon who shopped the story to Warner Brothers after Fox refused to make the movie. After the December 24, 2008 court decision, which could have derailed plans to release the movie on March 6, 2009, Warner Bros. filed court documents stating its intent to go after Gordon for the costs of this legal battle.

We’ll be one of the first in line to see Watchmen. We want to know if all the effort, and risk, was worth it in making this movie.

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