What Not To Do In A Divorce


Paul McCartney’s estranged wife, Heather “Golddigger” Mills has dumped her high-priced divorce attorneys at Mischon de Reya in London. The former titty model claims she can no longer afford them as their bitter divorce drags on with no resolution in sight.

Mills, it is claimed, has already had to take out over $3 million in loans to pay for her legals fees.

And, here’s the best part…..

In an attempt to save money, not only has Heather fired her lawyers, but….she’s also going to represent herself in court!

This is the second big departure in Mills’ camp.

Heather’s publicist dumped her two weeks ago, just before she began her crazy media crusade.

Her new spokesperson, Michele Elyzabeth confirmed that Mills would be representing herself in court from now on, stating:

“It was agreed between them both that she would suspend her representation from the firm due to financial reasons and that she was perfectly capable of successfully representing herself in court, as she has done on a number of occasions regarding other matters.”

Brilliant idea, Heather.

Go for it!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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