When Your Purse Is Meant For A Giant

There is such a thing as taking advantage of the term “carry on”, Laura Vandervoort. While I would like to assume this oversize yellow purse only makes an appearance when you simply must stash every single fashion magazine, slippers, pillow, eyemask and laptop into a bag for a long flight…something tells me this bag as seen other outings unrelated to aviation.

You see, it’s all about proportion, Laura. And right now your purse is bigger than your midsection, which is neither stylish or functional. Worst of all, you are setting yourself up for one curious case of lopsided shoulders. A heavy purse can make for painful backaches…which you might not be thinking about when it takes you forty minutes to find a piece of gum in this airplane hanger size bag.

Less is more – the less you stuff in your purse, the less you will have to carry and the more polished your casual look will be. Don’t let an oversize purse fool you, Laura – it’s not your friend and it never was.

Image: Bauer Griffin

Image: Bauer Griffin

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