WordPress Plugin: CommentLuv

CommentLuv is a great way to reward your blog readers who leave a comment on your blogs. If your commenters leave their blog URLs on their posts, this plugin would parse the URL for the RSS feed and automatically find and include in the comment the latest blog post of your visitor.

This encourages your visitor to leave more comments because there’s automatic link love given to your commenters. So, in a sense, everyone wins: you will get more comments (which improves your Google standings) and your visitors will get link love and it will definitely increase clickthroughs for them and (if you use the DoFollow Plugin) their pagerank would also improve.

CommentLuv is available for WordPress and WordPress MU, and is compatible for WordPress versions 2.6 and up.

To install CommentLuv, you have to first download it from here, then unzip it. Open up your favorite FTP client and upload CommentLuv to wp-content/plugins. Once the upload is done, you need to go to your plugins page and activate it.

Once it’s activated, you’ll be able to go to the settings page and if you wish, change some settings of the plugin. The plugin will auto-configure for your comment form. If you have a nonstandard comment form or a plugin type comment form, you will need to enter the name or ID values for the author, url and comment fields.

When you’ve finished doing those steps, you visitors would be able to automatically leave the latest posts of their blogs on your blog. CommentLuv also comes in a Drupal version as well, for you non WordPress users.

Download CommentLuv for WordPress here.


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  1. I like this plugin, but KeywordLuv takes the cake!

  2. At first, I wasn’t sure if this blog would live up to its name. I wondered if I was just wasting time on something that would fall short of my expectations. It’s a good thing I was wrong! Nice article, I really like this!

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