Would-be Victims Getting The Best of Robbers in Atlanta

Posted by Bossip Staff


The fella above, Jamarcus Usher, was killed trying to jack someone in Atlanta.  Victims aren’t putting up with being terrorized and are taking up arms:

A robbery suspect was shot and killed by his intended victim outside an East Atlanta Village bar late Wednesday, Atlanta police said Thursday.

Atlanta police identified the slain man as Jamarcus Usher, 29, of the Decatur area.

Police do not believe the shooting has any connection to the recent high-profile killing at a bar on Memorial Drive. The suspected robber carried a Colt .40-caliber handgun, while the gun that killed bar worker John Henderson was a 9mm, Atlanta police Detective Michael Willis said.

The killing Wednesday comes a week after Henderson’s murder in another popular hangout about two miles away, Standard Food & Spirits, sparked an outpouring of community support and galvanized grassroots efforts to improve public safety by some who say the city is becoming more dangerous.

SMH at the crimes above happening just a week apart from each other.  We gotta hash some sh*t out, y’all.  We obviously have the killings out in Oakland and in New Orleans, which are a shame.  But Bossip folk, when our black males act like this so frequently, is it any wonder why people are so trigger happy when it comes to them?




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